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Welcome to Agroforestry Farming

A platform that teaches you how to create profitable and biologically diverse agroforestry systems

Photo taken by Jeremy Gugenheim, Wakelyns farm 


Agroforestry is the intentional integration of trees in agriculture. It is about cultivating trees together with crops and animals in order to increase the productivity of a farm while at the same time producing several environmental and economic benefits. 

If you are a farmer or a practitioner interested in learning more about agroforestry you have come to the right place!

What is agroforestry?


Did you know?
European agroforestry systems produce on average 20-30% more than their monoculture counterparts [1]!

What will you learn here?

We know that agroforestry is good for the environment and that it can increase the profitability and productivity of farms [3], however what is often missing are the practical implications for farmers. How can farmers establish agroforestry systems with minimum risks and in a practicable viable way?


The purpose of this blog is to investigate the practical implications of working with agroforestry and discuss the economic risks and potential rewards related to it. Additionally, the goal of this blog is to simplify the principles of agroforestry to make it more accesible to everyone. By learning from this blog, you will be able to create an agroforestry system suited to your own goals, needs and conditions.


Did you know?
Europe could store a third of its carbon emissions if all European farms implemented agroforestry practices [2].

About the author

My name is Mauricio Sagastuy. I am passionate about trying to understanding how to create profitable and biologically diverse agroforestry systems in different contexts, and how to spread this knowledge in a clear and actionable way.  

Due to my interest in agroforestry, I have been working for 5 years as a teacher in agroforestry in a land-management school in Sweden. In this school, we are creating Sweden’s largest and most biodiverse test-field for agroforestry. Additionally, for the last 2 years I have been visiting and interviewing farmers working with agroforestry around Europe.


​If you want to learn more about agroforestry, then you should subscribe below to get the latest news and blog posts. You are also welcome to contact me if you want me to give a presentation about agroforestry or if you have any collaboration ideas!

Did you know?
Agroforestry is by far the agricultural measure with the highest potential to sequester carbon. A study demonstrated that, in Europe, agroforestry accounts for 90% of the total carbon sequestration potential of different agricultural measures, which were: (1) agroforestry, (2) introducing hedges, (3) low and no tillage, and (4) cover crops [2].


[1] Dupraz, C. et. Al. (2005) Synthesis of the Silvoarable Agroforestry For Europe project

[2] Aertsens J. et. al. (2012) Valuing the carbon sequestration potential for European agriculture

[3] Schievano A. et. al. (2022) The benefits of Agroforestry for the environment, climate change mitigation and agricultural production – a global synthesis. EURAF 2022

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